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    For the cost of ยฃ100 per year, you not only get all the music we ever released + the discounts in Tier 1, but you also receive a welcome pack including an RS T-Shirt & a physical record of your choice from the back catalogue (subject to stock availability).
    ๐Ÿ˜ฎ That's a combined total of over ยฃ40 in sign up goods alone....

    More than this, you'll know that you are helping keep us going through the ups and downs of running an independent business in this turbulent world!

    As an extra thank you, we'll also stick you on the guestlist for one RS event every year, or if you're not in the UK - one gig of Bradley's, should he be passing through your town!
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    This bonus tier comes following the request of someone who just wanted to give a little more to keep the spirit of independent music alive in these difficult times!
    If you're feeling similarly heroic, jump on board! We'll send you a hand written thankyou note and a piece of ltd edition Rhythm Section Art, Signed by Bradley & the team. You'll also get all the music we ever released including intl black! - and if you want we can also unleash the digi EDITS from from the vaults & the sample Packs for you on request.

    Still a bloody good deal when you consider the cost of the whole catalogue!

    The money will go towards staffing, office and production costs which have been increasingly hard to keep up without being able to do any live shows :(

    every bit helps!
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